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      be sent to you by the gentleman's private secretary once a month,After inspecting my little permit to visit the Khyber, the officials at the fort had placed in my carriage a soldier of the native Khyber rifle-corps, six feet six in height, placid and gentle. When I got out of the carriage to walk up a hill he would follow a yard or so behind, and watching all my movements, looked rather as if he were taking me to prison than like an escort to protect me.

      Have you then such a love of falsehood, Madame, that you must have it at any price? Poor woman! she has not the courage to say she believes and fears.

      Thursday MorningLE PETIT TRIANON


      It is very sweet and generous and dear of you to wish to send me

      how you looked. The woods today are burnished bronze and the air



      See Madame, people go also to pay their court to Mme. Le Brun. They must certainly be rendezvous which they have at her house.


      So you see, Daddy, I'm much more intelligent than if I'd just stuck